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Faith Bandler - papers

Faith Bandler - papers
Mitchell and Dixson Libraries Manuscripts Collection, State Library of New South Wales
MLMSS 6243
Date Range
1968 - 1992

1977; Photocopied typescript of Wacvie
1984; Photocopied typescript of Welou, my brother
1989; Two typescript versions of History of FCAATSI published as Turning the tide (1989)
1968; 1 x 16mm film "This land of theirs" made by Lilian Castles. A documentary account of 'Walkathon City' La Perouse recording the celebration of the 1967 referendum which ended Constitutional discrimination against Aborigines and Torres Strait Islanders. The event was also to raise money for FCAATSI (Federal Council for the Advancement of Aborigines and Torres Strait Islanders). A video copy is also included. (Locn No.: VT 522/1-2)
c.1986-1992; Twelve audio tapes of interviews with Faith Bandler. 1. 'Faith Bandler on 8 Aug 1986 at Turramurra NSW by Sue Hardisty'. 2. 'Surface Tension 86/26 - 6.9.86 Black Voices/White Ghosts'. 3. 'Faith with Carolyne Craig Canberra 1987'. 4. 'Faith with Mairi Nicholson 16.8.87'. 5. 'Faith with Mairi Nicholson ABC'. 6. 'Wacvie 1-6' (3 tapes). 7. 'Faith Bandler's Lunch 16 Aug 91'. 8. 'Daybreak Interview 14.10.92'. 9. Interviews with Peter Read 'R12 and R13' (2 tapes). (Locn No.: MLOH 242/1-12)

Drafts of books and Sound recording
0.18 m
Finding Aid

Warwick Hirst, 'Guide to the Papers of Faith Bandler', Manuscripts Section, Mitchell Library, State Library of New South Wales, Australian Literary Manuscript Collections Project, 2000,;cs=default;ts=default. Details

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