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Austral Salon (Melbourne, Vic.) Records, [manuscript]

Austral Salon (Melbourne, Vic.) Records, [manuscript]
State Library of Victoria, Australian Manuscripts Collection
MS 12379
Date Range
1890 - 1982
The Austral Salon of Music, Literature and the Arts (1890 - )

Records of Austral Salon 1890-1982, includes annual reports 1914-1984; minutes 1902-1982; financial records 1906-1974, membership lists 1890-1925, scrapbooks, ca. 1931-1980; autograph books, 1891-1983; membership applications and nomination papers 1920s-1970s; visitors' books 1929-1975; attendance registers 1966-1975; ephemera 1921-ca. 1982; activity books 1929-1974 and correspondence 1916-1979.

1.15 m
Available for reference.
Finding Aid

Descriptive list available for reference. Contents list for autograph book, 1891-1933, available for reference.

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