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Australian Red Cross, National Office

Australian Red Cross, National Office
Australian Red Cross Research and Information Service
Series NO9
Date Range
1914 - 1988
Australian Red Cross (1914 - )

Red Cross Archives series reference: NO9 Comprises documents relating to the history of the Australian Red Cross including manuscripts, reports, volunteer survey results, publications, pamphlets, posters newsletters and manuals on Australian and Britain Red Cross activities in WW2, and unpublished manuscripts by E.M. Webb "Australian Red Cross in War" and Stanley Addison "History of Service in World War Two" both of which aim to contextualise the Australian Red Cross's involvement in humanitarian activities during WW1 and WW2. Also includes governance documents such as organisational charts, strategic plans, divisional organisation review, survey and marketing strategies, floor plans and administration.This series has been artificially constructed by ARC Archives in 2015. Researchers should note that under the Geneva Conventions Act 1957 protections govern the use of the Red Cross emblem. For further information see Archives staff.

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