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Lyceum Club (Melbourne) (1912 - )

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Membership organisation
Ridgway Place, Melbourne. 3000


The Lyceum Club (Melbourne), established in 1912, was directly modelled on the lyceum clubs of England. Membership is restricted to women graduates and other women who had distinguished themselves in art, music, literature, philanthropy or public service.


A group of women interested in forming a lyceum club in Melbourne first met in 1910. Later that year, Ethel Osborne, who had been instrumental in organising this meeting, London's Lyceum Club and reported back to the group on its operations. In 1912 Osborne was elected foundation vice-president of the new Lyceum Club (Melbourne). Its founders in Australia, as in London, hoped the Club would gain equal standing with the prestigious male clubs of the day. They were to provide a base for elite women's influence and advancement. As reflected in its admission requirements the clubs were particularly committed to furthering women's professional careers. They provided an arena in which elite professional women could form strong networks and cultivate useful contacts. Indeed, the Clubs were explicitly designed to provide a space for female networking - both locally and internationally. The Lyceum quickly became Melbourne's premier women's club, and by 1930 claimed 900 members. The Club continues today, although its influence has diminished.

Founding members included:
Dr Janet Lindsay Greig, Miss Jessie Webb, Miss Enid Derham, Dr Constance Ellis, Dr Georgina Sweet, Dr Jane Greig, Flos Greig, Mrs Ray Phillips, Miss Alice Michaelis, Mrs Mary Barden, Miss Dora de Beer, Miss Stella Deakin, Miss Elizabeth Lothian, Mrs Ida Latham, Mrs Eleanor Latham, Miss Mona McBurney, Miss Mary Baldwin and Mrs Jessie Nott.

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