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Travellers Aid Australia (1916 - )

Victoria, Australia
Voluntary organisation and Welfare organisation
Alternative Names
  • Travellers' Aid Society of Victoria (Previous name, 1916 - 2010)
Address: Level 3, 225 Bourke Street, Melbourne, VIC. 3000 Email: (03) 9654 2600


Travellers Aid Australia (previously the Travellers' Aid Society of Victoria) is a non-profit, independent organisation, providing a range of services and assistance for travellers, including those with special requirements or in emergency situation. Founded in 1916, it initially offered support and protection for women and girls arriving in Melbourne from overseas, interstate and country Victoria. It was not until the late 1960s that they expanded their work to include men. The Society now assists travellers of either sex.


In 1915, acting on the advice of the British Travellers Aid Society and expecting migration to Australia to increase, the Travellers Aid Committee of the Young Christian Women's Association in Melbourne invited charitable organisations in Victoria interested in the care and welfare of women and girls to a Conference to consider forming a Society along the lines of the British Society.

Following on from this meeting the Travellers Aid Society of Victoria was formed in 1916 as an independent body. In its early years, it was predominantly deserted wives of soldiers and their children benefited from Travellers Aid. The Society particularly worked on applications for War Gratuity Pensions. Accommodation was found for many women and unmarried mothers were provided with care during and after their pregnancies. Regular and ongoing follow-ups were part of the service. Women arriving by steam ship and working couples were assisted to find employment.

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