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Lambton, Elsie

Professional photographer


Elsie Lambton is best known for her commercial work. Trained by Ada Driver, Lambton opened two photographic studios in Townsville during the Depression and WW2.


Elsie Lambton was a talented musician and a photographer working in Queensland. She was trained by the photographer Ada Driver at the Ada Driver Studios in Brisbane. In 1921 Lambton opened her own studio after working for W. J. Laurie as an operator and artist, taking over a studio that had been run by Messrs Stacey and Stacey in the Municipal Buildings.

She opened her own studio, the Elsie Lambton Studio in Townsville in 1923, and advertised her talents in the Townsville Daily Bulletin, accentuating her specialisation in 'the very latest in portraiture,' with a particular focus on photographs of young girls.

By 1927 she opened another studio, The Townsville City Studio, in the New City Building, with the photographer Jack Biehl. Lambton promoted her work as 'artistic' and again emphasised her specialisation in portraiture.

During the period 1921-1930 her studio was reported on in local newspapers Townsville Daily Bulletin and Cairns Post, which carried advertisements and notices that featured her studio and work.

It is not clear as to when she ceased her work as a professional photographer.


Jeffrey Collection, City of Townsville Library


c. 1920 - 1930
Active as professional photographer. Location: Brisbane and Townsville, Queensland.

Sources used to compile this entry: Elsie Lambton Studio, Townsville Daily Bulletin, 22 August 1927, 6 pp,; Public Notice, Townsville Daily Bulletin, 5. pp,

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