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List of Occupations

Dairy Farmer
Bennett, Jane (1969 - ), Cheesemaker and Dairy Farmer
Johnson, Lyn (1940 - ), Cheese-maker, Dairy Farmer, Early and Ongoing Leader and Women in Agriculture Movement.
Dance advocate
Hassall, Nanette, Choreographer, Dance advocate, Dancer and Director
Dance company artistic director
Guerin, Lucy (1961 - ), Choreographer, Dance company artistic director and Dancer
Dance educator
Phillips, Maggi, Dance educator and Scholar
Andrews, Shirley Aldythea Marshall Seymour, Aboriginal rights activist, Biochemist, Communist, Dancer and Historian
Gorham, Kathleen (1932 - 1983), Dancer
Guerin, Lucy (1961 - ), Choreographer, Dance company artistic director and Dancer
Harris, Kit (c. 1925 - ), Dancer, Teacher and Typist
Hassall, Nanette, Choreographer, Dance advocate, Dancer and Director
Hill, Raewyn, Choreographer and Dancer
Jones, Marilyn Fay (1940 - ), Dancer and Teacher
Lasica, Margaret, Dancer
Lietdke, Tanja, Choreographer, Dancer and Director
Lightfoot, Louise (1902 - 1979), Architect, Choreographer and Dancer
Menon, Padma, Artistic director, Choreographer, Dancer and Teacher
Moysey, Annie (c. 1870 - c. 1970), Aboriginal Linguist and Aboriginal Tradional Dancer
Oldfield, Alice Warrika (c. 1885 - 1978), Aboriginal Linguist, Aboriginal Tradional Dancer and Traditional Aboriginal Custodian
Rowe, Marilyn (1946 - ), Dancer and Teacher
Sager, Peggy, Dancer
Van Praagh, Margaret (1910 - 1990), Dancer, Director, Educator, Writer and Producer
Watson, Roslyn (1954 - ), Dancer and Choreographer
Yong, Tina, Artistic director, Choreographer and Dancer
Alfred, Elizabeth, Deaconess and Priest
Andrews, Mary Maria, Anglican missionary and Deaconess
Finlayson, Jean, Deaconess and Nurse
Ling, Coralie, Deaconess, Feminist and Minister
Norbury, Emily ( - 1944), Church worker, Deaconess and Evangelist
Evans, Carolyn (1970 - ), Academic, Dean and Lawyer
Defence worker
Davies, Natalia (1907 - 1951), Defence worker and Teacher
Delicatessan proprietor
Kroger, Helen Evelyn (1959 - ), Delicatessan proprietor, Human resources manager and Parliamentarian
Dental nurse
Clarke, Jeanine (1959 - ), Administrator, Compliance Officer and Dental nurse
D'Aprano, Zelda Fay (1928 - ), Feminist, Trade unionist, Writer and Dental nurse
Scott, Desley Carleton (1943 - ), Dental nurse, Electorate officer and Parliamentarian
Bange, Jane (c. 1958 - ), Dentist, Political candidate and Army officer (former)
Hannon, Gwenyth (1909 - 2008), Dentist
Marlay, Elaine (1915 - 1977), Academic and Dentist
Praed, Annie (c. 1873 - 1948), Dentist
Sage, Roza Eva Maria (1957 - ), Dentist, Parliamentarian and RAAF officer
Deputy Mayor
Bauer, Donna Jane (1970 - ), Deputy Mayor, Local government councillor and Parliamentarian
Collins, Florence Jane, Deputy Mayor and Local government councillor
Barham, Jan (1958 - ), Fashion designer, Parliamentarian and Political candidate
Burke, Frances Mary (1907 - 1994), Designer, Artist and Businesswoman
Forrest, Shauna, Clothing designer
Guthrie, Bessie Jean Thompson (1905 - 1977), Designer, Feminist and Publisher
Martin, Catherine, Costume designer and Production Designer
McShane, Clare (1948 - ), Business woman, Clothing designer and Woolgrower
Mort, Eirene (1879 - 1977), Graphic designer
Palladinetti, Tina, Graphic designer and Lecturer
Peterson, Janne, Graphic designer and Political staffer
Reed, Cynthia (Nolan), Designer and Writer
Rossi, Daisy (1879 - 1974), Artist, Designer and Writer
Scott, Barbara, Business woman, Clothing designer, Community stalwart, Environmentalist and Farmer
Sinn, Myra Jane (1949 - 2001), Fashion Designer
Sizgoric, Viki, Artist, Graphic designer, Illustrator and Journalist
Tabberer, Maggie, Entrepreneur, Fashion designer, Fashion editor, Model, Publisher and Television personality
Walling, Edna (1896 - 1973), Journalist, Landscape designer, Writer and Photographer
Webster, Catherine, Graphic designer
Wensing, Petronella Jacoba (1924 - ), Artist, Community activist, Designer, Social worker and Teacher
Liangis, Sotiria (1941 - ), Developer and Philanthropist
Clifton, Louisa (1814 - 1880), Artist and Diarist
Dawbin, Annie Maria Baxter (1816 - 1905), Diarist
Giblin, Eilean Mary (1884 - 1955), Diarist, Feminist, Potter and Social worker
Macquarie, Elizabeth Henrietta (1778 - 1835), Diarist, Governor's spouse, Traveller and Writer
Taylor, Mabel Dowling (1911 - 1997), Diarist, Physiotherapist and Traveller
Cahn, Audrey Josephine (1905 - 2008), Microbiologist, Dietician, Servicewoman and Lecturer
Douglas, Claire, Teacher and Dietician
Feller, Erika, Academic, Commissioner, Diplomat, Lawyer and Public servant
Alexander, Elizabeth, Academic, Accountant, Company director and University Chancellor
Archer, Robyn (1948 - ), Advocate, Artistic director, Director, Singer and Writer
Armstrong, Gillian, Director
Balkin, Rosalie (1950 - ), Barrister, Director, Lawyer, Legal academic, Public servant and Solicitor
Bishop, Bronwyn Kathleen (1942 - ), Company director, Lawyer, Parliamentarian and Solicitor
Blumer, Nooraini (1962 - ), Civil Libertarian, Director, Lawyer, Litigator and Solicitor
Boyce, Suzanne Kay (1951 - ), Company director, Journalist, Parliamentarian and Public relations professional
Brooks, Sue, Director and Producer
Burton-Bradley, Claudia Portia, Orthopaedic surgeon and Research director
Butler, Heather Rose (1947 - ), Company director, Parliamentarian and Social worker
Cham, Elizabeth (1948 - ), Director, Researcher and Philanthropist
Churcher, Betty (1931 - 2015), Art educator, Arts administrator and Director
Connolly, Sharon, Chief Executive Officer, Director, Media executive, Producer and Writer
Cornelius, Stella (1919 - 2010), Director
Couchman, Ariel (1958 - ), Director, Feminist, Lawyer and Solicitor
Darling, Margaret Florence (1923 - 2010), Company director and Servicewoman
Davies, Susan Margaret (1954 - ), Director, Environmentalist, Political candidate, Teacher, Farmer and Parliamentarian
Fay, Maura (1958 - 2001), Casting director
Fesl, Eve Mumewa D., Associate professor, Author, Councillor, Director, Linguist and Track and Field Athlete
Fiske, Patricia (Pat), Director and Producer
Fitton, Doris Alice (1897 - 1985), Actor and Theatrical director
Foot, Rosemary Irene (1936 - ), Director and Politician
Gaul, Carol Anne, Teacher and Director
Goble, Dorothy Ada (1910 - 1990), Political candidate, Secretary, Parliamentarian and Company director
Goodes, Joyce Nancy (1916 - 1990), Actor, Director, Drama coach, Librarian, Producer and Teacher
Hassall, Nanette, Choreographer, Dance advocate, Dancer and Director
Hazlehurst, Leonie (Noni) Elva (1953 - ), Actor, Broadcaster, Director, Presenter, Television actor, Television personality, Writer and Youth advocate
Howarde, Kate (1864 - 1939), Actor, Director, Producer, Scriptwriter and Theatrical director
Hughes, Ann, Company director
Isaac, Janet, Director and Scriptwriter
Jager, Claire, Director, Producer and Scriptwriter
Johnson, Darlene, Director and Scriptwriter
Kalantzis, Mary (1949 - ), Director and Academic
Koshland, Ellen, Community advocate, Director and Poet
Le, Tan, Barrister, Community worker, Company director, Lawyer and Solicitor
L'Estrange, Noela, Academic, Chief Executive Officer, Director, Lawyer, Manager, Public education advocate and Solicitor
Levy, Sandra, Director and Producer
Lietdke, Tanja, Choreographer, Dancer and Director
Litchfield, Ruby Beatrice (1912 - 2001), Community worker, Actor and Director
McCarthy, Wendy Elizabeth (1941 - ), Businesswoman, Company Director, Educator, Femocrat and Public Speaker
McClemans, Sheila Mary (1909 - 1988), Director, Lawyer and Servicewoman
Menkens, Rosemary Norma (1946 - ), Company director, Parliamentarian and Teacher
Moffatt, Tracey (1960 - ), Actor, Artist, Director, Film maker, Producer, Scriptwriter and Photographer
Moorhouse, Jocelyn (1960 - ), Director, Producer and Scriptwriter
Nicholas, Rhondda, Director, Lawyer and Solicitor
O'Kane, Mary Josephine (1954 - ), Company director, Engineer, Scientist and University vice-chancellor
Perkins, Rachel, Director, Producer and Writer
Pitkin, Sally, Company director, Lawyer and Solicitor
Riley, Sally, Director, Indigenous writer, Media executive and Producer
Sampson, Katherine, Board member, Director, Lawyer and Solicitor
Segal, Jillian, Chairperson, Commissioner, Director, Executive, Judge's associate and Lawyer
Shortland, Cate (1968 - ), Director and Writer
Singleton, Jane, Company director, Journalist, Public relations professional, Radio Journalist and Television Journalist
Tass, Nadia, Actor, Director and Producer
Thompson, Wendy, Cinematographer, Director, Producer and Scriptwriter
Travers, Carmel, Businesswoman, Director, Journalist, Producer and Writer
Triggs, Gillian Doreen, Academic, Barrister, Director, Human Rights President, Lawyer, Solicitor and Teacher
Van Praagh, Margaret (1910 - 1990), Dancer, Director, Educator, Writer and Producer
Wareing, Imogen, Company director and Manager
Warren, Joyce Dorothy (Joy), Actor, Company director, Patron and Public relations professional
Withnall, Nerolie, Board member, Chairperson, Director, Lawyer and Solicitor
Woodrow, Carol Joan (1943 - ), Actor, Director, Teacher and Writer
Young, Simone (1961 - ), Conductor and Music director
Disability activist
Aston, Matilda Ann (1873 - 1947), Disability Activist, Teacher and Writer
Bellchambers, Joyce, Disability activist and Volunteer
Bryan, Edith (1872 - 1963), Disability activist and Teacher
Kontellis, Marika, Disability Activist
Redmond, Denise Anne-Marie, Disability activist
Salthouse, Sue (1949 - ), Disability activist, Human rights advocate and Teacher
Disability rights activist
Batterham, Genni, Artist, Author, Disability rights activist and Filmmaker
Bedwin, Hazel Napier, Disability rights activist
Cooper, Margaret, Disability rights activist and Social worker
Galbally, Rhonda Louise, Chief Executive Officer, Community activist and Disability rights activist
Hall, Edith, Disability rights activist and Women's rights activist
Hastings, Elizabeth, Disability rights activist, Psychologist and Public servant
Howe, Keran, Disability rights activist, Feminist and Social worker
Jenkinson, Samantha, Disability rights activist
Kayess, Rosemary, Academic, Advisor, Disability rights activist and Lawyer
Malowney, Tricia, Disability rights activist
Smith, Fiona, Barrister, Disability rights activist and Lawyer
Young, Stella, Comedian, Disability rights activist and Journalist
Arlow, Vyninka, Commonwealth or Empire Games Gold Medalist and Diver
Beddoe, Valerie, Commonwealth or Empire Games Gold Medalist and Diver
Cole, Briony Chastine (1983 - ), Commonwealth or Empire Games gold medalist, Diver and Olympian
Donnet, Irene, Commonwealth or Empire Games Gold Medalist and Diver
Donnet, Jenny, Commonwealth or Empire Games Gold Medalist and Diver
Hook, Lurline, Commonwealth or Empire Games Gold Medalist and Diver
Keeney, Maddison, Diver and Olympian
Kellermann, Annette Marie Sarah (1886 - 1975), Acquatic performer, Actor, Author, Diver and Swimmer
Kent, Julie, Coach, Diver and Sports Administrator
Kerr, Beatrice Maude (1887 - 1971), Aquatic performer, Diver and Swimmer
Lashko, Irina, Commonwealth or Empire Games Gold Medalist and Diver
Manuel, Rebecca (1979 - ), Diver and Olympian
Newbery, Chantelle (1977 - ), Commonwealth or Empire Games Gold Medalist, Diver and Olympian
Qin, Esther (1991 - ), Commonwealth or Empire Games gold medalist and Diver
Smith, Anabelle, Diver and Olympian
Stratton, Sharleen Marie, Commonwealth or Empire Games Gold Medalist and Diver
Tourky, Loudy (1979 - ), Commonwealth or Empire Games Gold Medalist, Diver and Olympian
Wu, Michelle (1992 - ), Diver and Olympian
Baldwin, Mary (c. 1870 - 1940), Doctor and Suffragist
Berne, Dagmar (1865 - 1900), Doctor
Boelke, Grace (1870 - 1948), Doctor and Surgeon
Bourne, Eleanor Elizabeth (1878 - 1957), Doctor
Byrne, Helen Elizabeth (1910 - 1998), Doctor and Physician
Cilento, Phyllis (1894 - 1987), Doctor, Print Journalist, Radio Journalist, Women's rights activist, Social reformer, Journalist and Broadcaster
Edwards, Judith (Judy) Mary (1955 - ), Doctor and Parliamentarian
Glowrey, Mary (1887 - 1957), Doctor and Religious Sister
Halley, Ida Gertrude Margaret (1867 - 1939), Doctor and Founder
Hamilton, Marie Montgomerie (1891 - 1955), Doctor, Hockey Player and Sports Administrator
Hamlin, Catherine (1924 - ), Doctor
Howqua, June Louise (1921 - 2008), Doctor and Physician
Mayo, Helen Mary (1878 - 1967), Doctor
Phillips, Christine (1963 - ), Academic and Doctor
Schlink, Franziska (1910 - 1965), Doctor
Turnbull, Antonia Mary (Toni) (1950 - ), Doctor
Turnbull, Dr Hilda Margaret (1942 - ), Community worker, Doctor and Parliamentarian
Documentary film maker
Ansara, Martha, Cinematographer and Documentary film maker
Dunn, Patricia Irene, Documentary Film maker, Editor, Parliamentarian, University teacher and Writer
Goodwin, Bridget, Documentary Film maker, Historian, Journalist and Television Journalist
Hosking, Janine, Documentary Film maker, Journalist, Producer and Television Journalist
Mayman, Jan, Documentary Film maker, Journalist and Print Journalist
Spencer, Sue, Documentary Film maker, Journalist, Producer and Television Journalist
Thornley, Jeni, Documentary film maker
Dog Trainer
Withers, Nancy, Community stalwart and Dog Trainer
Domestic violence campaigner
Aoina, Arina, Domestic violence campaigner
Geddes, Virginia (Vig), Domestic violence campaigner
Hartwig, Angela, Domestic violence campaigner
Holder, Robyn, Domestic violence campaigner
Kristal, Kedy, Domestic violence campaigner
Laing, Lesley, Domestic violence campaigner
Nancarrow, Heather, Domestic violence campaigner
Oberin, Julie, Domestic violence campaigner
Scott, Margot, Domestic violence campaigner
Taylor, Betty, Domestic violence campaigner
Domestic worker
Beccarelli, Nerina Nesta (1908 - ), Domestic worker and Gardener
Coutts Michie, Mary, Domestic worker and Nurse
Drafting officer
Wilding, Sue de Carteret (1948 - ), Parliamentarian, Drafting officer and Local government councillor
Drama coach
Goodes, Joyce Nancy (1916 - 1990), Actor, Director, Drama coach, Librarian, Producer and Teacher
Hamilton, Anne Dorothy (1910 - 2002), Campaigner, Dressmaker, Secretary, Women's rights activist and Women's rights organiser
Parsons, Sylvia (1911 - 2000), Business owner and Dressmaker
Gallagher, Kitty (c. 1785 - c. 1875), Drover and Farmer

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