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List of Occupations

Bancroft, Bronwyn (1958 - ), Artist and Illustrator
Brooker, Joanne, Caricaturist, Cartoonist, Illustrator and Journalist
Cullen, Jean ( - 1950), Cartoonist, Illustrator and Journalist
Durack, Elizabeth (1915 - 2000), Artist, Writer and Illustrator
Flockton, Margaret Lilian (1861 - 1953), Artist and Illustrator
Gibbs, Cecilia May (1877 - 1969), Author and Illustrator
Horacek, Judy (1961 - ), Cartoonist, Illustrator, Visual artist and Writer
Law-Smith, Joan (1919 - 1998), Botanical artist, Writer, Illustrator, Gardener and Horticulturalist
Maloney, Betty Florence (1925 - 2001), Botanical artist and Illustrator
McCrae, Marjorie (Mahdi), Cartoonist, Illustrator and Journalist
Miller, Olga Eunice (1920 - 2003), Aboriginal writer, Community worker, Environmentalist, Illustrator and Storyteller
O'Harris, Pixie (1903 - 1991), Illustrator and Author
Paterson, Elizabeth Deans (Betty) (1895 - 1970), Cartoonist, Illustrator and Journalist
Sizgoric, Viki, Artist, Graphic designer, Illustrator and Journalist
White, Suzanne (c. 1966 - ), Artist, Illustrator and Journalist
Selvey, Linda Anne, Environmentalist, Immunologist and Public health advocate
Adam, Margarita (? - 2007), Barrister, Editor, Indexer, Lawyer and Legal Reporter
Indigenous activist
Baillie, Helen ( - 1970), Indigenous activist and Nurse
Balbuk, Fanny (c. 1840 - 1907), Aboriginal activist, Aboriginal rights activist and Indigenous activist
Huggins, Jacqueline (Jackie) Gail (1956 - ), Historian and Indigenous activist
Oscar, June (1962 - ), Aboriginal administrator, Aboriginal leader, Indigenous activist, Social justice advocate, Women’s advocacy, Health worker, Welfare worker and Film maker
Scott, Evelyn Ruth (1935 - 2017), Aboriginal activist, Aboriginal rights activist, Indigenous activist, Indigenous educator and Social justice advocate
Williams, Tammy, Barrister, Human rights activist, Human rights lawyer, Indigenous activist, Lawyer and Solicitor
Indigenous business leader
Jan, Sarina (1961 - ), Indigenous business leader
Indigenous educator
Henderson-Yates, Professor Lyn, Academic and Indigenous educator
Scott, Evelyn Ruth (1935 - 2017), Aboriginal activist, Aboriginal rights activist, Indigenous activist, Indigenous educator and Social justice advocate
Indigenous historian
Langford Ginibi, Ruby (1934 - 2011), Aboriginal rights activist and Indigenous historian
Indigenous legal project officer
Wallace, Gail, Indigenous legal project officer and Lawyer
Indigenous writer
Riley, Sally, Director, Indigenous writer, Media executive and Producer
Indigenous youth advocate
Major, Tania (1982 - ), Criminologist and Indigenous Youth advocate
Industrial action
Waitresses' strike - Refreshment Services Branch (1925)
Industrial advocate
D'Ath, Yvette Maree (1970 - ), Industrial advocate and Parliamentarian
Mathews, Iola (1943 - ), Author, Feminist, Industrial advocate, Industrial officer and Journalist
Industrial officer
Bilyk, Catryna Louise (1959 - ), Clerk, Electorate officer, Industrial officer and Parliamentarian
Clark, Elizabeth Ann (1953 - ), Industrial officer and Parliamentarian
Gillett, Mary Jane (1958 - ), Parliamentarian, Clerk and Industrial officer
Grace, Grace (1958 - ), Industrial officer, Parliamentarian and Union officer
Kavanagh, Tricia Marie, Arbitration commissioner, Barrister, Board member, Commissioner, Industrial officer, Judge, Lawyer, Solicitor and Teacher
Kirk, Linda Jean (1967 - ), Industrial officer, Lawyer, Parliamentarian, Solicitor and University teacher
Lawrie, Delia Phoebe (1966 - ), Industrial officer, Journalist and Parliamentarian
Mathews, Iola (1943 - ), Author, Feminist, Industrial advocate, Industrial officer and Journalist
Wong, Penny (1968 - ), Barrister, Industrial officer, Lawyer, Parliamentarian, Senator and Solicitor
Wortley, Dana Johanna (1959 - ), Editor, Industrial officer, Journalist, Parliamentarian, Teacher and Union secretary
Industrial organiser
Beaumont, Marilyn Kay (1951 - ), Nurse, Counsellor and Industrial organiser
Industrial relations consultant
Andrews, Karen Lesley, Industrial relations consultant, Mechanical engineer and Parliamentarian
In-House Counsel
Rose, Alexandra, In-House Counsel and Lawyer
Inspector of Schools
Simpson, Martha (1865 - 1948), Inspector of Schools, Lecturer and Teacher
Inspector State Children’s Department
Dugdale, Helen Blanche (1876 - 1952), Inspector State Children’s Department, Nurse and Policewoman
Interior decorator
Abbott, Hilda Gertrude (1890 - 1984), Author, Broadcaster, Interior decorator, Red Cross Worker and Secretary
Lloyd, Florence Violet (1923 - 2013), Interior decorator and Parliamentarian
Shacklock, Lorna (c. 1923 - 1981), Interior decorator
Smith, Christine Idris (1946 - 1979), Interior decorator and Skiier
Interior designer
Gotto, Ainsley (1946 - ), Businesswoman, Interior designer, Secretary and Stenographer
Poole, Ruth Lane (1885 - 1974), Interior designer
International activist
Mocatta, Necia (1938 - 2000), Community worker, International activist and Women's rights organiser
International Arbitrator
Rana, Rashda, Barrister, Educator, International Arbitrator, Lawyer, Mediator and Senior Counsel
Duncan, Ada Constance, Internationalist and Welfare activist
Engly, Piphal (1944 - ), Community worker, Teacher and Interpreter
Wu, Omega, Welfare worker and Interpreter
Gilbert, Karla (1975 - ), Ironwoman and Surf Lifesaver
Islamic community leader
Abdel-Halim, Aziza, Academic and Islamic community leader
IT professional
Gemmell, Suzie, IT professional and Project manager
Medd, Ruth (1950 - ), Public servant, IT professional and Public speaker

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