Woman Eatock, Pat

Aboriginal activist

Written by Nikki Henningham, The University of Melbourne

Pat Eatock is a Queensland Aboriginal person who played a leadership role in the Australian Aboriginal rights movement in the 1970s. In 1972, after leaving her husband, she lived at the headquarters of the Women's Liberation Movement in Canberra and joined the Aboriginal Embassy in Canberra, participating in the protests against its removal. In the same year, she stood for Federal Parliament in the Australian Capital Territory (ACT), becoming the first aboriginal person to do so. Her platform, endorsed by the newly-formed Women's Electoral Lobby, focused on Aboriginal, women's and children's issues. In 1973 she became the first non-matriculated mature aged student at the Australian National University(ANU), graduating as a Bachelor of Arts in 1977. In 1975 she was sponsored by the government to attend the Alternative Tribune to the International Women's Year World Conference in Mexico City.

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  • Mexico '75, 1975, 44372; Edgar, Patricia; National Film and Sound Archive. Details

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Pat Eatock at Aboriginal Embassy Symposium
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20 June 2011
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