Thelma Hunter’s Bequest

The late Dr Thelma Hunter took an interest in the establishment of the Australian Women's Archives Project's (AWAP) Australian Capital Territory (ACT) Group and often attended the Winter Tales talks which it presented in Canberra, ACT. When Dr Hunter generously left a bequest to the National Foundation for Australian Women (NFAW) which sponsors AWAP, the Board decided to ask AWAP ACT to use the money in a way that would be of lasting significance, rather than simply put it towards NFAW's ongoing costs.

Dr Hunter came to Canberra in 1965 and so some AWAP ACT Committee members knew her both professionally as a writer, teacher and scholar, and personally.

AWAP ACT was therefore delighted to use the money to develop this exhibition, Women Who Caucus - Feminist Political Scientists. The exhibition highlights the work of Dr Hunter and a few of her professional peers. It includes a theme essay, biographies of a small number of feminist political scientists (published in the Australian Women's Register) and a brief history of the Women's Caucus of the Australian Political Studies Association (APSA).

With some additional resources contributed by AWAP ACT and the University of Melbourne, the Thelma Hunter Bequest funded entries or substantial revisions of entries for:

and the thematic essay:



  • Margy Burn
  • Jill Caldwell
  • Dr Niki Francis
  • Maggie Shapley


  • Dr Nikki Henningham
  • Helen Morgan
  • Russ Weakley


Images in this exhibition have been supplied by Anne Summers, Carole Pateman, Marian Simms and Verity Burgmann, and we thank them for permitting reproduction. Others are credited to the institution that has granted permission for their reproduction.


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